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chased ring with gemstones
Sterling Silver Rings with Gemstones
Sterling Silver -or- Silver and Gold
$370 - $480


gold hoop earrings
14K Gold Square Hoops
with Chrome Diopside Insets
$670 - $890

lapis lazuli ring
Sterling Silver and Gold
Lapis Lazuli Ring with
Faceted Sapphires
- or- Cusion Cut Sapphires
$510 - $550


Spirit Folk Pin
Copper, Sterling, Brass
Spirit Folk Pin

(Also available in copper, sterling and 14K gold.)



birthstone pendant
Birthstone Pendant
Sterling Silver

Choose your birthstones from list
$225 & up

chased onyx ring
Sterling Silver Ring
with 14K Gold and Onyx Cabochon


silver bangle bracelets
Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

$60 - $80


gemstone earrings
Gemstone Earrings
Sterling Silver

$200 & up


sterling silver bangle bracelets
Silver Bangles - side view

$60 - $80

Moroccan ammoniter
Moroccan Ammonite Pin/Pendant



link earrings
Silver Link Earrings
Also available in gold


English Ammonite Pin/Pendant


Malachite Sterling Earrings
Sterling Silver Malachite Earrings

Lapis, Matte Finish Sterling Earrings
Sterling Silver Lapis Earrings



Silver Garnet Ring
Sterling Silver Garnet Ring

sapphire ring
Sterling Silver Sapphire Ring
$295 - $475


lapis lazuli ring
Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring

Silver Malachite Ring
Sterling Silver Malachite Ring


Mirror Finish
Sterling Silver Earrings



Mirror Finish
Styerling Silver Pendant


Satin Finish
Sterling Silver Earrings


lapis earrings
Lapis -or- Malachite
Sterling Silver Earrings
$165 & $160


malachite earrings
-or- Jade
Sterling Silver Earrings
$165 & $160

tiger eye earrings
Tiger Eye
-or- Onyx
Sterling Silver Earrings
$160 & $160

Black Onyx Sterling Pendant
Silver Onyx Pendant


Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sterling Silver Pendant
Lapis and Amethyst Pendant


Lapis Lazuli Sterling Pendant
Lapis Lazuli Pendant



Two Separate Update Lists and The Reason for two:  

I offer two separate lists so you will receive just the type of update you are interested in. The Regular Update List is sent when I add a group of new one of a kind jewelry pieces or new stones to be used in custom design work.  The Gift's List update is sent at times when I offer specials on limited edition, less expensive pieces shortly before a holiday.  

Gift Box List  
At times throughout the year I may offer special limited edition pieces before a holiday such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother's Day or other special holidays.  To receive these notices please request to be placed on this Special Gifts List .  I will not be using my regular update list to send these reminders.

Regular Update List  
I add new work to my What's New page frequently, but if you want to be notified when I add new pieces or new stones which are available for custom order, please sign up for my Regular Update List .


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