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Pictures of Gray Gemstones

Stones in a Variety of Gray (Grey) Colors

Think of a gray gem stone and you probably think of a moonstone, but there are many other gemstones in various shades of grey, charcoal and slate. A number of stones that are predominantly gray (or grey) are actually multi colored and may include black, shades of brown or beige, and white.

Shown below are pictures of some common and uncommon grey stones including agates, pearls, psilomelaine, Chinese writing stone, Picasso marble, palmwood, hematite (sometimes called Alaska's black diamond), and sapphire.

The links below provide more information about a specific gemstone, pictures of jewelry made with the stone, or its corresponding birthstone facts. This page will show you pictures of all the gray birthstones.


- Jewelry with Drusy


Birthstone months and signs
- Jewelry with Moonstone



Black Pearl
Birthstone months and signs


snowflake obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian
- Jewelry with Snowflake Obsidian



- Jewelry with Hematite


Chinese Writing Stone
Chinese Writing Stone
- Jewelry with Chinese Writing Stone

Gibeon meteorite
Gibeon Meteorite
- Jewelry with Gibeon Meteorite



kona dolomite
Kona Dolomite


Palm Wood
- Jewelry with Palm Wood

stone canyon jasper
Stone Canyon Jasper
Birthstone months and signs




star sapphire
Star Sapphire
Birthstone months and signs



Picasso Marble
Picasso Marble
- Jewelry with Picasso Marble

willow creek jasper
Willow Creek Jasper
Birthstone months and signs
- Jewelry with Jasper



dalmation jasper
Dalmatian Jasper
Birthstone months and signs



banded agate
Banded Agate
Birthstone months and signs

- Jewelry with Cephalopod


Birthstone months and signs
- Jewelry with Agate



Gray is the color of mourning, sorrow and hopelessness. The color gray is linked with dark and depressing thoughts.


Colored Stones:
















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Birthstone Months and Signs
Pictures of Gray Birthstones

  • Agate Birthstone
    Ayurvedic Birthstone - May
    Hebrew Birthstone - May
    Roman Birthstone - May
    Arabic Birthstone - June
    Mystical Birthstone - September
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Aquarius
    Zodiac Birthstone - Gemini
    Talismanic Birthstone - Libra
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn

  • Jasper Birthstone
    Mystical Birthstone - October
    Talismanic Birthstone - Aquarius
    Planetary Stone - Aries
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Virgo

  • Moonstone Birthstone
    Modern & Mystical Birthstone - June
    Ayurvedic Birthstone - September
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) Stone - Cancer
    Planetary Stone - Cancer
  • Pearl Birthstone
    Modern Birthstone - June
    Ayurvedic Birthstone - June
    Hindu Birthstone - June
    Mystical Birthstone - November
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Gemini
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Cancer

  • Sapphire Birthstone
    Arabic Birthstone - April
    Hebrew Birthstone - April
    Roman Birthstone - April
    Mystical Birthstone - May
    Hindu Birthstone - July
    Ayurvedic Birthstone - August
    Modern Birthstone - September
    Traditional Birthstone - September
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Pisces
    Zodiac Birthstone - Taurus
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Taurus
    Talismanic Stone - Cancer
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Virgo
    Planetary Sign - Libra
    Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Sagittarius


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