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Factors That Affect The Price Of Pukhraj


Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is a type of corundum that exhibits a distinctive golden colour. The name comes from the Sanskrit word for “yellow” or “saffron,” and it’s sometimes referred to as the “golden beryl.” The colour of the gemstone is caused by trace amounts of iron and titanium. The presence of these elements causes Pukhraj to have a deeper yellow hue.

Yellow sapphires are most commonly found in Sri Lanka, although they can also be found in Australia, Thailand and Myanmar. The colour of yellow sapphire ranges from a pale lemon yellow to a deep golden hue. The Pukhraj stone price depends on several factors. These include:

Rarity of the Stone

A sapphire is considered rare if it is found in a very small amount of the earth’s crust. This means that there are only a few deposits where this type of stone can be found. The rarer the stone is, the more valuable it will be.

The most common yellow sapphire is a pale lemon yellow, but the rarest and most valuable are deep golden to orange. The most valuable Pukhraj gemstones come with a deep, dark yellow colour. You can such stones at a reputable store like GemPundit at the best prices.

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Cut of the Pukhraj

Cutting refers to how a gemstone is polished and faceted. The cut determines how light reflects through a gemstone and its brilliance, which is how much light it shines with. The rounder the gemstone, the more light it will reflect. The most ideal cut is a brilliant cut, which is when all of the facets are perfectly aligned and parallel to each other. This creates a perfect mirror-like reflection that makes the stone look bigger than it actually is.

The polish level (the smoothness) is another factor for determining price: A high polish makes it easier for light rays to pass through the stone so that there are no scratches or imperfections on its surface. The symmetry of a gemstone is another factor that determines price. A gemstone with perfect symmetry will reflect light evenly, which makes it look bigger and more brilliant than an asymmetrical one.

Also, check the shape of your yellow sapphire. The most popular one is the cushion cut, which is a rectangular-shaped stone with rounded corners. Cushion cuts make it easy for light rays to pass through the stone and reflect evenly off its surface, making it look bigger than round or oval cuts.

Colour of the Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires come in a variety of shades, from light yellow to dark, fiery orange. The most common colour is champagne or lemon yellow, which has a subtle golden tint. This is the most popular and affordable type of yellow sapphire.

The most popular variety is a light to medium golden-yellow stone. The colour may vary in intensity depending on the amount of iron present in the stone. The more iron it has, the darker your gemstone will be.

Another factor that determines Pukhraj stone price is whether it has any secondary hues or not. A secondary hue is a colour that’s not part of the main colour. For example, a yellow sapphire with an orange hue is considered a secondary hue because it’s not actually orange; it’s just darker than the pure yellow colour. Yellow sapphires that have no secondary hues are often more expensive.


Clarity and Inclusions in the Stone

Inclusions may affect the price of your yellow sapphire if it has many of them. They don’t affect the beauty of your gemstone, but they can reduce its value in some cases. The most common inclusions in yellow sapphires are internal fractures and cavities. You may also find tiny pinpoints of different hues scattered throughout the stone.

Inclusions that are visible to the naked eye also affect price, but they will not be as expensive as those that cannot be seen without magnification. This is because there is less demand for these gems and therefore lower prices, even if they have higher clarity grades.

Carat Weight of the Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires have a wide range of carat weights, which also affects price. The larger your stone is, the more you will pay for it. The most common weights are 1 to 2 carats, but larger stones are more expensive since they’re rarer. If you have a large stone, make sure that it has high clarity and a strong colour grade to ensure that you get the best value for money.

Sometimes, if you have a very small gemstone with high clarity and no visible inclusions, then it may be more expensive per carat than a larger one that has many flaws.

Finishes and Treatments Your Stone Goes Through

The finish on a sapphire affects its appearance and price. A high-quality finish can make your gemstone look brighter and more attractive, while lower-quality ones can dull the colour. We don’t recommend getting any of our stones treated with surface coatings or heat treatments because these processes are irreversible, which means that once they are done, you cannot get them back to their natural state again.

The most common treatments are high-heat and low-temperature heating. The difference between these two processes is that high-heat treatment can reduce the stone’s colour grade by one or two levels from its original hue.

Low-temperature treatments also affect colour but don’t change it as much as high-heat ones do. In general, it’s a good idea to avoid treated gemstones because they are more likely to lose their colour over time and become dull. They also tend to be less durable than untreated stones.


The only way to ensure that your stone is natural and untreated is to buy it from a reputable jeweller. Be sure to ask, and check the paperwork if possible. If you’re buying online, look for websites that have certificates of authenticity or lab reports available on their site. This will help you make a more informed decision when making your purchase.

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