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Essential Tips For Styling Your Jewelry Like A Pro


Women tend to accumulate an overwhelming collection of jewelry over the years. Due to their sentimental value, it's not easy to let them go as often, so the jewelry ends up sitting unused in the drawers. The following are handy tips and tricks to ensure your jewelry stays in rotation and you wear them in style.

Grouping Your Jewelry Into Different Collections

If you have a lot of jewelry, group them based on your daily lifestyle, activities, and preferences. This does not just mean grouping all the rings, necklaces, or earrings. For example, group all the items for delicate daywear, then add about ten jewelry pieces to each. Keeping a collection to a certain number lets you have a combination of jewelry that's easy to mix and match for every occasion.

Organizing them in such a way based on your style and lifestyle will help keep all your jewelry in rotation. Collection ideas include the following: evening, day statement, delicate evening, watches and work, and statement earrings. You can also group your jewelry into seasons if you find it overwhelming to divide them into smaller collections. That way, when you put them away in the offseason and bring them out again, it will feel like you're wearing new jewelry.

Mixing And Matching For A Bolder Statement

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When it comes to actually styling your jewelry, there are a lot of rules around mixing them. However, styling totally depends on your own preference. For instance, you might be someone who likes to have a bolder, louder, or more avant-garde look. Perhaps you are more eccentric or Bohemian, and you love pieces from Boho Magic. Go ahead and mix your metals like gold and silver, or your textures like beads with hammered metal or sleek, shiny cuffs.

Mixing And Matching For An Understated Look

On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers something a bit more understated and classic, it's all about keeping your jewelry harmonious. For instance, you can keep your gold altogether or mix and match your metals while ensuring that all of the thicknesses and chains on everything you're wearing are similar. That way, there's still an element of harmony. Likewise, you can give an understated look with your jewelry by wearing your warm metals and colored jewelry with warm tones of clothing. What will allow you to keep an elegant look while still layering jewelry is by keeping similar elements like texture, color, and weight the same.

Achieving A Balanced Look

One of the easiest ways to achieve balance in an overall look when mixing your statement pieces with the more delicate ones is how far apart the jewelry is from your body. For example, if you want to wear a big pair of statement earrings, don't go heavy on the necklace. Instead, you can wear some stacked rings or a big cocktail ring.


Ultimately, mixing and matching your jewelry is about playing and creating different combinations in your closet. It has a lot to do with trial and error and getting to know what it is that you like best. Finally, it is about what will best show the jewelry and flatter your body most.

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