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De Beers Quits Its Lab-grown Engagement Ring Test

In a significant decision, de beers quits its lab-grown engagement ring test, and in doing so, the company has underscored its commitment to staying attuned to the shifting dynamics within the diamond industry.

Lee Moon
Lee Moon
Sep 15, 20232.8K Shares58.4K Views
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  1. Shaping The Future - De Beers' Bold Move And Marketing Push

De Beers, the renowned diamondcompany, has recently announced the results of a comprehensive test aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of lab-grown diamonds(LGDs) and assessing the evolving landscape of consumer perceptions surrounding them.

In a significant decision, De Beers quits its lab-grown engagement ringtest, and in doing so, the company has underscored its commitment to staying attuned to the shifting dynamics within the diamond industry.

Shaping The Future - De Beers' Bold Move And Marketing Push

The outcome of this examination will undoubtedly shape the company's future strategies.

In the wake of this announcement, De Beers has reaffirmed its commitment to Lightbox, its subsidiary that primarily focuses on the fashion jewelrymarket and making loose lab-grown diamonds accessible to a broader consumer base.

De Beers has made it explicitly clear that Lightbox will not venture into the realm of selling lab-grown diamond engagement rings. This decision was met with mixed reactions from industry insiders, ranging from anger to a sense of inevitability.

The decision to not use lab-grown diamonds in engagement ringswas not made without consideration of the surrounding circumstances. Back in June, Lightbox had sneakily released a small selection of engagement rings for customers to choose from.

This move came as a surprise to many people, especially considering that the firm had steadily toned down some of its earlier statements regarding synthetic diamondsbefore the debut of Lightbox in 2018.

The most recent findings appear to lend credence to De Beers' contention that the commercial viability of a significant number of the options for lab-grown engagement rings is up for debate.

The administration disclosed to the merchants that in order to preserve a constant absolute gross profit, the volume of synthetic diamond carats that are sold would need to be continually increased by a factor of two every two years.

One key finding from a recent De Beers consumer survey further underscores the economic motivations behind the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds.

The survey revealed that the primary motivation for consumers choosing lab-grown diamonds over natural ones was price. This underscores the appeal of affordable alternatives in the market.

Simultaneously with this announcement, De Beers has launched a comprehensive marketing campaign for the upcoming holiday season.

This campaign includes the revival of the iconic tagline "A Diamond Is Forever." In a show of support for natural stones, De Beers has pledged an additional investment of $20 million to stimulate consumer demand. According to De Beers CEO Al Cook:

Natural diamonds have remained icons of lovefor centuries. De Beers advertising has remained iconic over the decades. We’re proud to build on this tradition by reviving and refreshing one of our most successful campaigns. By investing ahead of the holiday season, we aim to support the industry, drive consumer demand, and underline our confidence in the future of the diamond dream.- De Beers CEO Al Cook

In short, De Beers' recent announcement reinforces its commitment to Lightbox's strategic focus on fashion jewelry and affordable loose lab-grown diamonds while ruling out engagement rings.

The test results have reaffirmed the challenges associated with the economic viability of lab-grown engagement rings. Additionally, consumer preference for lab-grown diamonds is largely influenced by price.

De Beers' investment in a holiday season marketing campaign and its revitalization of the iconic "A Diamond Is Forever" tagline signifies the company's dedication to supporting the natural diamond industry and sustaining its timeless appeal in the hearts of consumers.

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