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Previous commissions by Jewelry Artist Nancy Bernardine

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This is the process to create a unique design for you:

After talking with you, via email and/or phone, I work up a design based on our discussions about the stones, shape, overall size, and estimated price.

Next, I add a private page to my website with digital image(s) of the design created for you.

Sometimes, the design is developed from an existing piece of my jewelry (substituting different stone(s) or stone shapes), or it may be a completely new design based on our conversations.


I use a graphic editor to create the image(s) so you can "see" what the piece will look like. Now, we have an actual picture to work from and you can make suggestions, comments, or modifications.

This way, when we arrive at a final design, we both know what the piece will look like. To paraphrase, you can be sure that not only did I hear what you said, but also that I understood what you wanted. smilie face

Some of the pages below show both the draft of a design and an image of the finished jewelry, some do not. It just depends on whether I was able to take a good photo before I mailed the piece off.



I believe it is an exceptional privilege to be able to work at what I love - creating jewelry and cutting stones.

I have the incredible opportunity to work with clients to create beautiful handcrafted jewelry that will be treasured as a special gift or purchased "because you deserve it"!

Please call or email if you would like to work together on a special piece.

Listed below are examples of design pages created when someone asked for a custom design.

Please call or  email if you would like to work together on a special piece.

Please note:  

I am a custom jewelry designer which means that I only make jewelry based on my own original designs.

Please do not ask me to copy or reproduce another jeweler's piece or make jewelry from a design someone else created.

I am very pleased to work with you to create a new unique design which incorporates gemstones, metals and components of your choice.

If you already have a design, it is best that you contact a local jewelry shop that employs a bench jeweler where you can discuss your design with them.

Examples of Handmade Custom Jewelry Designs

Use the links below to see some examples of previously created custom design jewelry.

Custom Design Bracelets

Custom Design Rings

Custom Design Pendants

Custom Design Earrings


Drusy Bracelets
(6 examples)




Men's Rings

Boulder Opal, Chrysoprase Ring



Drusy Variscite Pendant

Drusy Chrysocolla Pendant



Amethyst, Larimar Earrings

Spectrolite / Earrings Gold



Sterling Silver napkin Rings


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"Colorful & Dramatic Handcrafted Designer Jewelry"


May 23, 2006