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Crystals For Masturbation - A Way To Have The Most Magical Orgasms


We live in a world where are sorts of weird and wonderful sex toys available to us. And if you want magical orgasms, crystals for masturbation are the perfect sex toys for you.

That's why, if you are looking to spice up your sex pleasure, masturbation crystals can help you connect with your sexual energy, overcome negative feelings, and, of course, get that outside-of-this-world kind of orgasm.

Consider crystals to be your portal to sexual and spiritual enlightenment. Yes, crystals can help you improve your self-love and pleasure routine.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about crystals for masturbation, their types, benefits, and ways to use them.

An Overview Of Crystals For Masturbation

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How To Use a Crystal Pleasure Wand for Self Pleasure & Sexual Healing | Better Than a Vibrator

Crystals are solid materials that have their atoms arranged to form a specific structure. If it appears to be a shiny lumpy rock, it is actually a gemstone. Crystals, by nature, bring symmetry and balance—they're the Feng-Shui of rock formations.

Crystals, unlike humans, emit very stable energy. Because they already have a perfectly geometric pattern of molecules, their energy does not change. As a result, many people will use crystals to influence their energies.

Crystals have perfect molecular structures that influence our electromagnetic fields positively. We are at ease when our energetic bodies are at ease, and we are open to healing, peace, love, and all of life's pleasures.

Crystals emit energy at a constant frequency to which we can direct our own energies and tap. The crystal acts as a conduit for energy to flow between you and the rock.

When you work with a crystal, it becomes "a physical, tangible way for you to feel, connect with, and benefit from those vibrations."

Crystals' cyclical openness is similar to sex positivity. Both involve exploring and re-exploring. When you consider this, you can see the potential in combining the sexual and crystal realms.

Best Crystals For Masturbation

Crystals have their own special components that provide a variety of experiences that are unique to the person using them. Every crystal possesses metaphysical properties that cause it to emit a specific frequency of energy.

Here are some of the best crystals for masturbation from which to choose.

White Jasper

White Jasper crystal with some plants on the background
White Jasper crystal with some plants on the background

The purity of white jasper will remind you of your own divinity. If you want to let go of negative attitudes or experiences, White Jasper can help you get rid of what no longer serves you.

It is a nurturing stone that allows you to see aspects of yourself with more tenderness and care, such as your inner mother. Orgasms with this crystal may help you achieve wholeness in mind, body, and spirit by connecting you to higher consciousness.

White Jasper can help rewrite your sexual story and redefine virginity as it pertains to you if you have experienced sexual trauma and want to begin a new relationship with yourself.

Clear Quartz

A person holding a Clear Quartz dildo
A person holding a Clear Quartz dildo

The master healer stone is clear quartz. It is the most adaptable crystal and the best choice if you are looking for a unique experience that only you can articulate. It is also known for promoting positive thinking and mental clarity.

It's best to program this stone with a specific intention before using it, and to be in a clear mind space as well. Quartz has the ability to magnify your existing energies.

Clear quartz will frequently bring you clarity post-orgasm on the intention you imbued it with. When you need it the most, your intuition will always be there for you.

Smoky Quartz

A medium sized Smoky Quartz dildo
A medium sized Smoky Quartz dildo

Smoky Quartz is known as the power stone. With its earthy, mineral energy, it brings a grounding presence that helps you root in confidence and wisdom.

Smoky quartz is also known to aid in the clarification of dreams or visions, making it a wise crystal companion to form a relationship with.

Allow the energy of the stone to re-center you on your inner truth. Hold the image of a light beam radiating from your body, through the crystal, and into the center of the earth in your mind as you reach orgasm. You've always had the power within you.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine dildo sex toy placed on a wooden table with some flowers
Green Aventurine dildo sex toy placed on a wooden table with some flowers

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity, and this magical stone will infuse your sensual play with optimism and joy. It can also be used to attract abundance, whether in love, money, or any other area of your life where you feel short-changed.

If masturbation scares you or you can't get out of your head, Green Aventurine can help you return to the present moment and let go of expectations.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz dildo sex toy with some plants and crystals around it
Rose Quartz dildo sex toy with some plants and crystals around it

Rose quartz instills love and beauty in all environments and situations. It is especially helpful if you are recovering from a breakup or dealing with feelings of unworthiness or self-judgment. When our hearts are in pain, our sexual drive suffers as a result.

Rose quartz will gently encourage self-love while also boosting confidence and self-compassion. If you want to attract love into your life, start by imagining what it will look and feel like, as well as how your new lover will treat you.

Before you start playing with the crystal, transfer this vision into it. Keep this visualization in mind as you approach climax for maximum effect. Enjoy your feelings for yourself.


An Amethyst dildo sex toy
An Amethyst dildo sex toy

Amethyst is useful for transforming sexual experiences. When using this stone, it is common to find yourself traveling to realms or having an out-of-body experience.

This stone can also be used to identify and release bad habits, to access your spiritual eye, and to enter the dream realm during orgasm.

Because of its dreamy and spiritual nature, it is critical to ground and center before and after using this crystal.

Amethyst is most effective when it is honored, respected, and trusted. Allow it to show you images, transport your body to different locations, and cleanse your chakra system from crown to root.

Black Obsidian

A woman holding a Black Obsidian dildo sex toy
A woman holding a Black Obsidian dildo sex toy

Because Black Obsidian can be used to reveal hidden aspects of yourself, it is the stone of choice for The Shadow Line.

Its energy is not as gentle as rose quartz's, but if you're having trouble sleeping and can't figure out why, Black Obsidian can help. It provides protection while engaging in shadow work and can also be used to overcome past traumas.

While using this stone, try to bring your body into an open, nonjudgmental state of surrender. Expect triggers, uncomfortable truths, and a powerful release at the end.

People Also Ask

How Do You Use Crystals For Masturbation?

When charged with 'heart-felt intention,' the crystals work best. Simply close your eyes, hold your crystal in your hands or against your heart, and feel into a genuine intention that arises for you. Then let go of that intention.

Do Crystals For Masturbation Vibrate?

Although crystals do not vibrate in response to batteries, the goal here is to become sensitive to subtle energetic vibrations. Before making any movement after inserting it, I believe it is best to try to feel the energy from the crystal. Allow the sexual energy to build up as you move it around in ways that feel pleasurable to you.

How To Choose Your Crystals For Masturbation?

Choose a combination of higher reasoning and intuitive guidance, then look at the Crystals in the shape you want and read the descriptions. Allow your intuition to guide you in choosing a crystal, and you'll have your answer.


Crystal for masturbation is a natural product that promotes sexual health and wellness. Depending on what feelings you're looking for in your sex life right now, it can be useful to understand how the properties of crystals can influence your experience.

Crystal wands are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Your purchase decision should not be influenced by your favorite color. Rather, make your decision based on the crystal properties that meet your physical and emotional needs.

We hope this article has helped you understand Crystal for masturbation and the various types available to you.

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