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Color Of The Month - What Do They Mean?


A birthstone is simply a gemstone that is linked to a person's date of birth. Wearing a birthstone is said to bring luck and good health. Depending on their connection to the planets, several gemstones' color of the month is said to possess supernatural abilities. Many societies used to associate a particular gemstone with births occurring during each sign of the zodiac, but throughout time, this custom was changed to correspond with calendar months.

Birthstones have their origins in ancient astrology, and throughout time, several different lists of birthstones have been employed. The one that is most often used now is based on a list that the US jewelry industry initially made public in the 1950s. According to calendar months, birthstones are categorized as follows. Read on to learn in detail about the color of the month.

The Meaning Behind Birthstones

It is generally accepted that each month or particular time of the year has an impact on those who were born at that time. Numerous societies have also believed that some gemstones had special abilities and are consequently employed for protection, healing, and energy renewal.

The significance of every birthstone might thus be very important. Each birthstone has its importance and energy, from January's garnet, which stands for friendship and trust, to April's diamonds, which are connected with love, to September's sapphires, which are all about trust and loyalty.

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Birthstone Color Of The Month

Since the beginning of human civilization, stones have been potent symbols. Particularly birthstones have been linked to metaphysical, healing, and protective abilities as well as the ability to ward off evil influences. However, what shade is your birthstone? Is it so crucial?

Actually, no. The link of stones with Zodiac signs is, however, a very recent idea that dates back just around 100 years and has undergone various revisions since then. Having said that, don't simply take these charts at face value, and don't be hesitant to look into the birthstones associated with other Zodiac signs.

Garnet Birthstone of January
Garnet Birthstone of January

January Birthstones

Garnet is related to January. This rich crimson gemstone gets its name from how much it resembles pomegranate seeds. It's hardly surprising that this gemstone has been used in jewelry since the Bronze Age given its stunning hue. Oprah Winfrey, J.R.R. Tolkien, Betty White, and Benjamin Franklin are among the well-known people who were born in January.

  • Garnet is the customary birthstone.
  • Siam is the birthstone for crystals.
  • Rose quartz and garnet are two gem options from Dakota Stones.
  • Inspiration, love, and constancy are symbols. Red is a passionate, upbeat, and creative color.

February Birthstones

Amethyst, a gemstone with a gorgeous purple tint that is sometimes used as the color of royalty, is connected to February. Even in its unprocessed state, this gemstone seems attractive as a dazzling geode. If your birthday falls in February, you have a birthstone in common with notable people like Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Taylor, Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens, and Thomas Edison.

  • Amethyst is a traditional birthstone.
  • Amethyst is the crystal birthstone color.
  • Amethyst and bloodstone are two gem options from Dakota Stones.
  • Insight, fidelity, and tranquility are symbols. Violet exudes kindness, honesty, and tact.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine is related to March. Does it make you think of the sea? If so, you are not alone. At one time, sailors believed it would aid in ensuring their safe trip across the sea. Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood, Albert Einstein, and Michelangelo are just a few celebrities that were born in March.

  • Aquamarine is the conventional birthstone.
  • Aquamarine is the crystal birthstone color.
  • Options for Gemstones at Dakota Stones: Aquamarine
  • Unity, originality, and optimism are symbols. Blue symbolizes reflection, tolerance, and accountability.

April Birthstones

Diamonds are related to April. One of the reasons why diamonds work so well in jewelry is because they are one of the toughest jewels. People born in March and Emma Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, and Queen Elizabeth II all have the same birthstone.

  • Diamond, the traditional birthstone.
  • Birthstone for crystal Crystal's color.
  • Quartz is a gemstone option from Dakota Stones.
  • Strength, bravery, and real love are symbols. Clarity and purity are conveyed by white or clear.

May Birthstones

The emerald is related to May. The emerald is a suitable gemstone for spring because of its lovely green tones that go so well with the season. You could be familiar with the names Audrey Hepburn, Stevie Wonder, George Lucas, and Adele Adkins if they were born in May.

  • Emerald is the traditional birthstone.
  • Birthstone for crystal the hue emerald.
  • Symbolism: Prosperity, knowledge, and renewal. Green represents harmony, hope, and balance.

June Birthstones

The pearl, a gemstone renowned for its brilliance, is connected to June. If you were born in June, you had the same birth month as Paul McCartney, Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, and Helen Keller.

  • Pearl is the traditional birthstone.
  • Moonstone is a gemstone option from Dakota Stones.
  • Clarity, renewal, and harmony are its meanings. Violet exudes kindness, honesty, and tact.

July Birthstones

The ruby is related to July. Rubies have long been valued as precious stones. In actuality, the world's most costly colored gemstone at the moment is a ruby known as the Sunrise Ruby. Do you know these names? All four Sandra Bullock, Frida Kahlo, Robin Williams, and Ernest Hemingway were born in July.

  • Ruby is the customary birthstone.
  • Light Siam is the crystal birthstone color.
  • Options for Gemstones at Dakota Stones: Carnelian
  • Harmony, serenity, and nobility are its symbols. Red is a passionate, upbeat, and creative color.

August Birthstones

Peridot is related to August. Peridot's origins may be categorized as rather strange. This gemstone can be discovered in meteorites and lava in its natural condition. Alfred Hitchcock, Martha Stewart, Amy Adams, and Coco Chanel are just a few famous personalities that were born in August.

  • Peridot is a customary birthstone.
  • Birthstone for crystal: peridot
  • Options for Gemstones at Dakota Stones: Jade
  • Purity, clarity, and power are the symbols. Green represents harmony, hope, and balance.

September Birthstones

The sapphire is related to September. Although blue sapphires are the most common, there are many more hues available, including a pinkish-orange kind known as padparadscha. Those with September birthdays, including Confucius, Leo Tolstoy, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Hudson, share a birthstone.

  • Sapphire is the traditional birthstone.
  • Sapphire is the crystal birthstone color.
  • Options for Gemstones at Dakota Stones: Lapis Lazuli
  • Peace, fidelity, and hope are symbols. Blue symbolizes reflection, tolerance, and accountability.

October Birthstones

Opal, which is one of the most vivid gemstones of all, is related to October. Famous people like Virgil, Angela Lansbury, Ralph Lauren, and Julie Andrews are among those who were born in October.

  • Opal is the customary birthstone.
  • Tourmaline is a gemstone option from Dakota Stones.
  • Hope, originality, and balance are all symbols. Pink symbolizes acceptance, love, and compassion.

November Birthstones

Citrine, a warm yellow gemstone named after the French word for lemon, citron, is regarded as the birthstone for November. Do you have a birthday in November? If so, you and Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Claude Monet, Mark Twain, and Claude Monet all share a birthstone.

  • Citrine is a customary birthstone.
  • Topaz is the crystal birthstone color.
  • Options for Gemstones at Dakota Stones: Goldstone
  • Confidence, vigor, and equilibrium are its symbols. Orange is a friendly and imaginative color.

All 12 Birthstone Colors & Meanings

December Birthstones

Turquoise is related to December. Since antiquity, many societies, including the Egyptians, Persians, and Native Americans, have utilized this well-known gemstone. Walt Disney, Samuel Jackson, Mary the Queen of Scots, Taylor Swift, and other well-known people were all born in December.

  • Turquoise is the traditional birthstone.
  • Onyx, turquoise, and sodalite are some gemstone options from Dakota Stones.
  • Symbolism: Harmony, vitality, and imagination. The color indigo exudes idealism, focus, and intuition.

People Also Ask

What Month Stone Is Blue?

Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, or Turquoise birthstones are suitable for December birthdays. All of the stones have their own set of qualities and structures in addition to being renowned for their various blue tones.

What Month Stone Is Red?

Ancient Hindus considered ruby, the birthstone for July, to be the "king of stones." It was thought to keep the wearer safe from evil. The intense red hue of the ruby now stands for passion and love.

Do All Months Have 3 Birthstones?

Yes, all months have birthstones. This is confusing, but the variety of possibilities for different months was intended to provide customers with an alternative to the more costly stones.


We believe you now have all the information you needed about the color of the month. We would be very interested in hearing about any thoughts in your mind related to our article. Post a comment below if you'd like. We love responding to you, it’s a pleasure.

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