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Citrine Color - Prepare To Be Astounded By This Lemon Stone


Those who love lemons because of their soft yellow color may be familiar with the citrine color stone. Citrine is a French word for lemon. But we are not going to talk about the lemons, we will be talking about the citrine stone.

Really? Is there a stone that looks like a lemon? Not actually a "real lemon". Citrine is the name given to this stone because it contains a yellow color similar to lemons, just like the picture below:

See? The inner part of a real lemon is pretty similar to the crystal stone in this picture. I'm going to provide more information about this gorgeous and soft-looking stone in this article.

Things You Should Know About The Citrine Stone

This color is called citrine, and it comes in many different shades, from juicy lemon yellow to beautiful shades of amber.

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The yellow color comes from iron in the quartz. Many citrine stones are made by heating up other types of quartz, like purple amethyst or smoky quartz, which are both more common and cheaper.

To change the color of these gems, you need to heat them up. Natural citrine is almost always a pale yellow color and sells for a lot more money than the processed type.

Precious Stone

Citrine is considered a semi-precious stone. Citrine is a yellow quartz variety with an appealing luster and excellent clarity. Citrine is the most highly prized yellow gemstone due to its color, quality, and price.


Five different types of citrines in one picture
Five different types of citrines in one picture

Golden Citrine - This is a type of citrine that has a golden yellow color.

Lemon Quartz - It's called Lemon Quartz because it's a light to dark yellow Citrine that doesn't have any orange, brown, or reddish shades like most Citrine. Most of the time, it is clear Quartz that is pre-treated to make a yellow gemstone that is very bright. Lemon Quartz has recently become more popular in the gemstone market.

Madeira Citrine - Madeira Citrine is a reddish-brown to orange-red Citrine that comes from the island of Madeira.

Palmeria Citrine - This is a type of Citrine that has a bright orange color.

Yellow citrine - Yellow Citrine is a type of citrine that has a yellow color that looks like lemon juice. Lemon Citrine or Lemon Quartz may also be called Lemon Quartz or Lemon Citrine.


It is possible to make citrines in labs by heating them up with electricity. Even though natural quartz is common and cheap, synthetic quartz can be made in enough quantities and at a low price. This means that the practice is profitable.

Natural Citrine Color

The yellow citrine stone that was found in nature on a white background
The yellow citrine stone that was found in nature on a white background


Color Code: #FFFF00

You will see in a photo above, that is what citrine looks like when it's pure and natural. It has a translucent yellow color. The color of the quartz is because it has a lot of iron oxide in it.

It's called "lemon quartz" when it's a naturally light-yellow citrine that was mined from the ground. Because of its color, many people think that a citrine is a yellow topaz because it looks like one.

How Can You Identify Citrine Naturally?

Almost all natural Citrine crystals are the same color all the way through for the most part, but there may be a few slight color changes in the crystal itself. Citrine that has been heated will often have a layer of opaque white at the bottom, which is a sign that it was heated because it used to be Amethyst.

Is Real Citrine Rare?

Citrine is a rare mineral that is found in very few places in the world.

When people didn't know much about gems back then, they thought it looked like topaz because of its tan color. A lot of people like it because of its color and because it's durable and cheap like most other quartzes. It's now the most popular yellow-to-orange gem.

Where Does Citrine Come From?

Some places where you can find real Citrine are in the Ural Mountains of Russia and Madagascar. There is a lot of Citrine, which is heated Amethyst. Most of this comes from Brazil.

Amethyst and Citrine can be found together in some gems from Bolivia. It is called Ametrine.


Citrines are popular in today's jewelry generations. They are also rare, so they command a higher price, but it is well worth it. This stone has a Mohs scale hardness of 7, indicating that it is difficult to break.

If you are interested in this gorgeous stone, you can always refer to this article to assist you in making a decision about picking the right citrine for you.

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