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Chrysocolla,   often confused with turquoise, is a copper bearing mineral found wherever copper deposits occur especially in areas of the southwestern USA, Chili, Zaire, Australia, France and England. 

Pure chrysocolla is too soft for jewelry purposes but it is often agatized in quartz which makes it hard enough to polish for cabochons.  It is often found mixed with malachite, turquoise and azurite. 

The drusy form of chrysocolla is often a beautiful Robin's egg blue.  Pure chrysocolla is between 2.0 and 4.0 on the Mohs' scale.

Folk lore:

Creativity, female energy, communication,   relieves ulcers and arthritis.

chrysocolla drusy

chrysocolla rough
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Chrysocolla Jewelry and Cabochons

Jewelry made with chrysocolla .  A selection of freeform cabochons and rough available for custom jewelry designs.






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