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Cancer Birthstones - Traditional Stones For Cancer Zodiac


People born under this zodiac sign and who are drawn to the Cancer birthstone have personalities that range from being loyal and sweet to being angry and spoiled.

To really understand and appreciate cancer and cancer birthstones, you have to look at all of their characteristics.

About The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Crystals & Stones For Your Sign: Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first sign of the zodiac that is related to water.

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The Moon is the planet that is in charge of the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer has some pretty cool magical powers thanks to the energy of the moon. Cancer is the first water sign and has a natural tendency toward spiritual growth. It is psychic and open to new ideas.

People born under the Cancer star sign are known for being fiercely loyal and caring about all living things. Cancers feel safe at home, especially when their loving family is there. They usually love kids and are good at taking care of them. Cancers like the atmosphere of a family.

Cancer Birthstone Selections

Ruby Birthstone

Smooth-cornered square ruby stone
Smooth-cornered square ruby stone

The Ruby Stone is one of the traditional birthstones for people born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It has a deep red glow. The Ruby is also ruled by the Sun, while Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Because of this close cosmic connection, Ruby is able to use the powers of the planet and bring balance to the life of a Cancer. Ruby is the birthstone of Cancer. It is also known for balancing the heart and giving confidence, which will help the (sometimes) needy Cancers stand on their own two feet.

Pearl Birthstone

Round and silky white pearl stone
Round and silky white pearl stone

Cancers are real and honest, so the pearl, which is a sign of purity and sincerity, fits them like a glove.

Pearls are also traditionally the birthstone for the month of June. This means that the pearly gem is very important to Cancers born in June.

It's the perfect Cancer birthstone because it's made of the same element as water, which is another reason why it's perfect.

There is a story that says if you throw a pearl into moving water or even a trash can, you will get money.

Please, don't try this. But the point is that people believe the pearl brings luck.

Moonstone Birthstone

Oblong shining blue moonstone
Oblong shining blue moonstone

The moonstone is a good choice for Cancer's birthstone because it represents the Moon, which is Cancer's ruling planet. It is also an alternative birthstone for Gemini and Cancer, both of which are born in June.

Moonstone has been linked to the moon since ancient times. The Romans thought the stone was the solid form of the moon ray because it had a shine that looked like the moon. This is called schiller or adularescence.

The stone of the Moon protects women, children, families, and marriages. So, giving a moonstone as a wedding gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can do.

People believe that this gemstone is a sacred stone that gives you luck, hope, and ultimately what you want. It protects new starts and helps you when you are making big changes in your life.

Secondary Birthstones For Cancers

Turquoise Birthstone

Rock-formed blue-black turquoise stone
Rock-formed blue-black turquoise stone

When you meditate, wear Turquoise with the Pearl Cancer birthstone or the Moonstone Cancer birthstone. It will be much easier for you to move up to higher levels of consciousness.

Emerald Birthstone

Octagonal green emerald stone
Octagonal green emerald stone

Similar to Ruby, Emerald is a very valuable gem. Emerald is a lucky stone that can bring you luck. It also makes you feel more at peace with yourself and has a lot of powerful healing properties.

Lucky Stone For Cancer Women 2022

Red Jasper is a grounding stone for Cancer women.

Bertelsen says that moody Cancers should keep this stone nearby in 2022 to stay cool, calm, and collected.

People Also Ask

How Many Birthstones Does A Cancer Have?

Gemstones and Birthstones for Cancer. The pearl and the ruby are the most popular Cancer birthstones. In addition to these two gems, there are others, like the moonstone, emerald, and turquoise, that are also thought to have powerful effects on Cancer.

What Is A Cancer's Favorite Color?

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so they are shy. Blue, white, and sea green are the best colors for people with the Cancer sign. These colors bring out the best in these caring and sensitive people, but their emotional side will always be more important.

What Should Cancers Wear?

Cancers are very emotional, and this shows in how much they like classic and elegant styles. Cancer style is made up of romantic accessories, feminine shapes, and soft, smooth fabrics.

Final Words

Which of these magnificent Cancer zodiac birthstones should you choose? We have a fairly liberal viewpoint and believe that you can choose the one which you feel the most connected, or the one which you are most interested, or even all of them!

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