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I will work with you to design an elegant piece of designer jewelry with dazzle, dash and pizzazz!

How to order custom handmade jewelry.

  Fine Designer Art Jewelry


Tiffany Stone (Opalite) Cabochons for Custom Jewelry

Tiffany Stone Amethyst Ring

Please see the design process for an explanation of how I work with you to create a unique custom jewelry design. Additional stones are usually available, please email if you don't see what you want.

Tiffany Stone Pendant


Tiffany Stone (Opalite) #1


Tiffany Stone (Opalite) #2


Please Note: Cabs, rough and slabs are not for sale. They are shown
for inspiration and are available only as part of a Bernardine custom jewelry design.

Tiffany Stone Jewelry

Jasper Information - Facts, Lore and Descriptions

See links below and the Cabochon Index for other stones/rough
available for custom jewelry

Please Note: These cabs are not for sale as loose stones.
They are shown for inspiration and are available only as part of a custom jewelry design.


Agate Cabs

Amber Cabs

Ammolite Cabs



Blue Opal Cabs

Boulder Opal Cabs


Charoite Cabs


Chinese Writing Stone

Chrysocolla Cabs

Chysocolla Drusy

Chrysoprase Cabs


Dinosaur Bone Cabs

Drusy Cabs

Fossil Cabs

Gibeon Meteorite Cabs


Jasper Cabs

Lapis Lazuli Cabs

Larimar Cabs

Malachite Cabs


Montana Agate Cabs

Palmwood Cabs

Peruvian Opal

Picasso Marble Cabs


Pyrite Druzy

Rutilated Quartz Cabs

Spectrolite Cabs

Sugilite Cabs


Tiffany Stone Cabs

Tiger's Eye Cabs

Titanium Drusy

Turquoise Cabs


Uvarovite Drusy




misc. Blue, Purple, Pink and Red Cabs

misc. Brown, Black and Natural Shade Cabs

Rough Available for Custom Designs


Please email or call for information about ordering custom designer jewelry using these cabochons.

Cabochons are only available in my custom jewelry designs.
They are not for sale as loose stones.


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