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The Beauty In Brazil - Top 5 Brazilian Gemstones


Aside from magnificent beaches and being one of the world's most beautiful countries, Brazil also has a gemstone that you won't find anywhere else. Do you want to get some ideas about these gemstones that Brazil is producing? Let's start with an explanation of what Brazilian gemstones are.

What Is Brazilian Gemstone

From the word itself "Brazil" and "Gems". It is gems that are exclusively found only in Brazil.

Several different types of gems can be found in the soil beneath the surface in Brazil. Brazil isn't just colorful because of the festival and its culture, but also because it has a large range of colorful gemstones inside its borders. Here is the list of gemstones discovered in Brazil.

Amethyst Gemstone

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Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that gets its purple color from irradiation, iron impurities, and other trace elements, which make the crystal lattice substitutions that make it look purple. The mineral is as hard as quartz, which makes it good for making jewelry.

Brazil is currently the leader in the overall production of amethyst.

Purple Amethyst over white background
Purple Amethyst over white background

Ametrine Gemstone

There is a naturally occurring type of quartz called ametrine. It is also called trystine or bolivianite by its trade name. You can see purple and yellow or orange areas mixed with areas of amethyst in them. Because it is made up of silicon dioxide, ametrine can be found in rocks that are made of silicates and linked together by shared oxygen.

There have been reports of a purple and yellow quartz gemstone being made all over the world since the 1960s. The reports come from places like Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Big rock-formed purple and yellow ametrine
Big rock-formed purple and yellow ametrine

Citrine Gemstone

Brazilian citrine, a member of the quartz family, is famous for its breathtaking range of shades that capture the warm glow of late fall.

People in Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay make citrine. But the best citrine in the world comes from Brazil because it is the only country that makes the best citrine. In the quartz family, citrine is a type of stone that has warm colors that range from yellow to orange. Citrine from Brazil is known for having these warm colors.

Set of citrine stones (yellow quartz) cut out
Set of citrine stones (yellow quartz) cut out

Topaz Gemstone

Topaz is a type of gemstone that can be cut and polished. It is used to make jewelry and other things that look nice.

Brazil makes more topaz than any country in the world. Most of what is made are colorless, but it is irradiated and heated into different shades of blue. Precious and imperial topaz are a rare and warm alternative to the cool blue shades we are used to seeing in jewelry stores. They are also very rare. A topaz that is called "precious" usually comes in a range of colors from yellow to orange. A topaz that is called "imperial" usually comes in a range of colors from pink to purple and even red.

Set of yellow-orange topaz on a white background
Set of yellow-orange topaz on a white background

Tourmaline Gemstone

Much of the world's tourmaline comes from deposits in Brazil. There are many places in Brazil where tourmaline is found. The main mining area is in Minas Gerais, which has a wide range of colors. There are a lot of gems in the Cruzeiro tourmaline mine in the state, and they're easy to pick out of the ground and the walls. And also pink tourmalines were found there.

Pile of tourmaline in various colors on a white background
Pile of tourmaline in various colors on a white background

Where To Buy Gemstones In Brazil

Large cities like Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo are the best places to buy gemstones in Brazil. Some of Brazil's best-known and best-loved jewelers are there. They specialize in polished gemstones that are set in beautiful pieces of jewelry, like H. Stern and Amsterdam Sauer.

You can find some of them at a local jewelry store.

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