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Finding The Best Jewelry As A Present? Blue Gem Is For You


When we talk about the most popular color, you might think of black and white because they are often seen in public places. But, the truth is, the most popular color in the world is blue.

Blue is one of nature's rarest colors. Even in gemstones, blue is extremely rare and popular. As a result, blue gemstones are among the most valuable and captivating when used as jewelry.

Let's talk about behind its popularity.

Why Blue Gem

Beliefs: Many people use it because they believe that blue gemstone is a very powerful and beautiful gemstone that has a lot of healing powers and is also used for spiritual and other improvements.

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Used for celebrations such as:

(Anniversary Gift) Couples, for example, are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary by giving each other sapphires.

As you celebrate your 75th wedding anniversary, the stunning blue sapphire stone will create another appearance.

(Proposal) Although not as popular as diamonds, sapphire has become a more common engagement ring stone.

To be sure, sapphires are a popular choice for the "something blue" in any wedding. Today, however, sapphire engagement rings are popular due to their rich color and durability.

List Of Blue Gemstones And Descriptions

Nine different types of blue gemstones
Nine different types of blue gemstones

These are the blue gemstones that can act as a reference when purchasing one for your loved ones or as a gift for a friend or family member.

  • Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires have captured people's collective adoration for centuries and are well-known in public.

  • Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstones can range in color from very light to much deeper, vibrant blue.

  • Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stone that reflects a wide range of colors, from light blues and lilacs to deep indigos and violets.

  • Topaz Blue

Blue topaz can range in color from very light blue to a deeper blue. It can also have a slightly turquoise color, similar to aquamarine.

The term "blue opal" refers to any opal that reflects light in a blueish spectrum.

  • Grandidierite

The color of grandidierite ranges from bluish-green to greenish-blue, with the blue component increasing with iron content.

  • Blue Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are also available in naturally occurring blues and silvers. Akoya in blue is a rare variant.

  • Labradorite

Labradorite, a blue gemstone, is one of the natural birthstones for those born as the world prepares for the vernal equinox and spring.

  • The spinel

The blue Spinel is colored by a Cobalt impurity in the crystal lattice. Cobalt Blue Spinel is the common name for these stones.

The Rarest Blue Gemstone?

Blue Spinel: The Rarest Blue Gem In The World Of all the gemstones in the world, there is only one that occurs in a natural shade of blue.

Spinel come in a variety of shades, but the blue spinel gemstones are the ones receiving a heightened amount of popularity lately.

What Is An Expensive Blue Gemstone?

Tanzanite stones that are deep blue or blue-blue-violet are the most popular and expensive form of the stone. But the stone can also be found in pale hues. Most tanzanite is heated to make its blue color even more blue. Tanzanite is often used as a cheaper alternative to sapphire that is the same color.

What Is The Cheapest Blue Gem?

Blue topaz is normally very cheap. It's also a good gemstone for jewelry because it's very durable (8 Mohs). A lot of the time, there aren't any visible flaws in it.

How To Know If Your Jewelry Is Fake?


Wondering if your blue gem is authentic or just a replicate version? If that's the case, here's what to do:

Example: Blue Sapphire, the most common blue gem.

Check For Scratches

The real one without any scratches occurred vs the fake one that is easy to scratch
The real one without any scratches occurred vs the fake one that is easy to scratch

Sapphire is one of the most durable gemstones used to make jewelry. Diamonds are the only other gemstones that are more durable than Sapphire. 9 on the Mohs scale is how hard it is. This means that anything with a hardness rating of the same or less than a sapphire can't scratch it.

If you scratch it with ordinary items, it is not real.

Bubble And Line Inclusions

Fake blue sapphire with bubble inside which indicates that the stone is fake
Fake blue sapphire with bubble inside which indicates that the stone is fake

A lot of the time, if you see little bubbles inside the stone, you know it is either made of glass or synthetic sapphire. If there are air bubbles in the stone, make sure to look at it from all angles. They may only be visible from certain angles.

Take It To An Expert

A customer in a jewelry store is handing the stone to the owner so that he or she can look at it
A customer in a jewelry store is handing the stone to the owner so that he or she can look at it

Take your sapphire to an expert gemologist if you think its value is high enough. They can tell if it is real or fake.

And if you are not sure about the test you performed, let the professionals do their job.


People love blue gemstones because of their bright color and hardness, which are also good for people who love jewelry. They are a popular choice for the "something blue" in any occasions.

Get rid of the usual gifts, such as chocolates and flowers that will lose value. Consider buying one for you and your partner and be impressed by its attractive appearance.

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