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Discover Your Lucky Birthstone In Numerology


In numerology, jewelry and stones may have a big effect on how you feel and change your moods. Jewels and stones can make you not only feel good and calm, but they can also bring you good luck and powerful numerology vibes. The vibrations of some stones might make you feel weak and stressed out because they aren't right for you. People who wear them next to their skin can use numerology to make things happen in an unusual way. Find out what your birthstone in numerology is and how it can help you.

Gemstones According To Numerology

This is how it works: There are eight planets and nine numbers. Each planet is in charge of one number. Based on Vedic astrology and numerology, the stones are chosen. People who use Vedic astrology should wear jewels in accordance with their birth charts. A gemstone that matches your birth date or numerology might help you if you don't know your exact birth time. If you want to wear gemstones, it's important to follow the advice of a skilled astrologer.

Many things can happen when you wear a gemstone that fits your number or astrological chart. These things include better financial and romantic situations. These jewels have the energy of the planets inside them, and when worn, they bring the planets' good fortune to the person who wears them.

Find Your Numerology Gemstone

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How to locate your personal numerology gemstone:

Number 1

One of the stones for number 1 is Garnet, which means courage and strength.

Number 2

You should choose Rutilated Quartz if the number 2 is in charge of your life path. It will make you feel safe and secure.

Number 3

If you're a number 3, you need to improve your communication and creativity. Amazonite is a stone that you should choose and take with you.

Number 4

If 4 is your number, green quartz helps you balance your energy and improve your well-being, that is what you should use.

Number 5

You're a number 5? Aquamarine is your numerology stone. Keep one in your life to make sure you have peace, courage, and tolerance in your life.

Number 6

Blue Quartz is your stone of choice. It means peace and light.

Number 7

Amethyst for number 7. This beautiful stone helps people feel more spiritual and have more inner light.

Number 8

This is what you want if you're number 8. You want to improve your chances of material success, self-confidence, and intelligence. This is why Citrine is your number one gemstone.

Number 9

Rose Quartz means unconditional love, and this is what a number 9 needs in his or her life. This is what a number 9 needs.

Numerology And Sun Sign Dynamics Can Counteract Each Other

In the end, you should think about which sign's lucky stone you want to use as your birthstone, but there is one more thing you should think about: birth numbers. According to astrology, your date of birth is a good way to figure out what kind of person you are. This is why it is important to add up all the numbers in your birthdate to get a single number that represents you. That number's ruling planet and lucky stone also play a big role. In the same way, most astrologers don't agree on the stone in this case either.

Birthstone necklace with intricate designs
Birthstone necklace with intricate designs

0 is ruled by Pluto, and is the symbol of Scorpio, with the snake eating its own tail. There is no numerological possibility of your birthdate adding up to 0, but there are stones associated with this planet.

1 is ruled by the Sun, and the stones associated with it includes diamond, peridot, and tiger’s eye.

2 is ruled by the Moon, and the gem associated with it is pearl, while some also consider opal, selenite, and moonstone lucky.

3 is ruled by Jupiter, its lucky stone being turquoise, while emerald is associated with it too.

4, ruled by Uranus, supposedly benefits from wearing tourmaline.

5, the number ruled by Mercury, has the lucky stone quartz but is often associated with citrine too.

6, ruled by Venus, benefits from wearing opals but is linked to rose quartz and Rhodochrosite.

7, the magical number of Neptune, is associated with sapphire primarily, though lapis lazuli and amethyst are also called lucky for this number.

For number 8, some say amber or smokey quartz works well, while others believe jade can bring them strength.

9, the number of Mars, is associated with rubies, carnelians, and garnets.

So if you're a Scorpio born on November 5th, your number is 5, which is linked to light greens and quicksilver. Scorpio colors are black, maroon, and red, and your number is 5. Black is bad for numbers 4 and 5, which makes it hard to mix and match. This is because your number's qualities might not match up with your sign, which could make certain colors and stones bad for you to wear or use.

Final Words

You can't just pick the stone of your birth month and wear it every day, hoping that your life will change for the better. Many different things go into deciding which stone would be best for someone, including numerology and astrology. That is if the whole thing is even based on any truth at all!

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