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Birth Crystals - Represent A Person's Period Of Birth

Most people prefer to only consider the one conventional stone that is linked with each month when they think about birth crystals, these stones are often shown next to the appropriate month in gemstone tables. There are, in fact, a few alternate birth crystals for each month.

Susanne Blaire
Susanne Blaire
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  4. How Do Traditional And Modern Birth Crystals Jewelry Differ?
  5. Modern Birth Crystals Vs Ancient Birth Crystals
  6. What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?
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Most people prefer to only consider the one conventional stone that is linked with each month when they think aboutbirth crystals, these stones are often shown next to the appropriate month in gemstone tables. There are, in fact, a few alternate birth crystalsfor each month.

It's also critical to comprehend the background of birth crystals. Ancient civilizations concentrated mostly on the color itself. However, a single gemstone or crystal may come in a variety of hues, as we all know today.

The distinction between stones like rubies and red garnet was also not always made by certain ancient peoples. Here is a list of some information you could find useful to help you understand more about gemstonesfor your birth crystals and what they represent.

What Is A Birthstone Or Birth Crystal?

There are other players in the game: gemstones. The stars and planets interact with the energetic qualities of the skies to bring you into the world and subsequently lead you through to your death. All stones are born with energy infusions across all galaxies and universes. Due to this, each stone has its own set of characteristics and footprints.

According to Hinduism, you may benefit from this life by using the nine gemstones associated with your particular celestial energies. They are referred to as Navaratna, or The Nine Gems, in Sanskrit. You may shield yourself from the unfavorable effects that were present in the sky at the time and location of your birth month by wearing certain of them for particular reasons.

Because of this, birth crystals may have a great deal of value for us. They may assist us in reversing karmic patterns, healing old traumas, and avoiding the most challenging elements woven into the fabric of our life paths.

The Origin Of Birth Crystals

Birth crystals are a relatively recent invention, they are gemstones that represent a person's birth month. However, its beginnings may be traced back to the Bible. According to historians, the twelve diamondson Aaron's breastplate originally represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

But in the first and fifth centuries CE, respectively, Josephus and St. Jerome started connecting these stones with the zodiac signs. Each stone most likely provided users with unique abilities throughout the relevant astrological time. As a result, individuals made an effort to amass and wear each of the twelve jewels throughout the year as a talisman or for medicinal purposes.

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the present custom of associating one gem with each month and wearing just the stone associated with your birth month developed. The list of 'traditional birthstones' or 'old birthstones' developed in Poland during this period. The National Association of Jewelers published a list of purported "contemporary birthstones" in the United States in 1912.

All Months Birth Crystals
All Months Birth Crystals

Birth Crystals

According to legend, crystals work in harmony with our energy field to provide comfort, safety, balance, and healing. When embarking on the miraculous process of bringing a new life into the world, they may be a soft but effective instrument. Although you should always utilize crystals that you are pulled to or that connect with your objective, here are some common selections to use during this amazing time.


Strengthens and supports female cycles, supporting you through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. It is supposed to help with fluid retention, hormone balance, and facilitating the acceptance of fresh starts.


Alleviates heartburn and indigestion while reducing morning sickness.


Encourages a happy pregnancy and a baby's good development. Additionally, it forges a close bond between a mother and her unborn child.


Helps to relieve birth-related concerns and calms mood swings and anxiety. Additionally, it encourages sound sleepand lessens insomnia brought on by pregnancy.


It is sometimes referred to as The Midwife's Stone and is said to induce labor, relieve labor pain, and promote a healthy delivery.


It is said to ease the transition into motherhood emotionally and to widen the delivery canal for a simpler, more comfortable birth.

Pink Chalcedony

A great stone for promoting lactation, assisting with nursing issues, and supporting the breastfeeding process.

Rose Quartz

It is known as the stone of loveand is excellent for new mothers since it fosters maternal instincts and a close relationship with your child.


It helps to rebalance hormones and promote self-care during the postpartum period. With its vibrant color and vitality, it is said to increase bravery and self-confidence as well as encourage happiness and optimism. A beautiful stone for anybody with post-partum depression.

How Do Traditional And Modern Birth Crystals Jewelry Differ?

Despite minor differences in the lists, romantic gem lovers in Western cultures today often chose birth crystals. The majority of modern customers don't normally give these stones any particular abilities, but they do have well-known connotations and meanings.

The current list only includes transparent gems, but the old list includes a mixture of transparent and opaque gems, such as opal, pearl, and turquoise. In terms of practicality, this makes it simpler to combine several jewels into a single piece of contemporary birth crystal jewelry. Choose an antique stone for your jewelry, nevertheless, if you choose the classic style over the more contemporary option.

Birthstones By Month

Modern Birth Crystals Vs Ancient Birth Crystals

Although birth crystals have been grouped by month for millennia, the contemporary chart has gained priority in the past century. The "Mystical" birthstone chartfrom antiquity had significantly more exotic gemstone choices. However, the picked stones were rather ambiguous to contemporary people since they didn't perfectly coincide with the Gregorian calendar.

The contemporary chart became the norm in 1912 as jewelers realized the need for a more concise birthstone chart by date. The majority of these gemstones are transparent, which makes them more suited for customization and set into jewelry.

Of course, a lot of people decide to use birth crystals from the old calendar. For instance, a person born in October could like opal but dislike tourmaline. They'll probably decide to identify with the opal birthstone in this situation. Birth crystals have the wonderful property of allowing the user to customize in a manner that best matches their tastes.

What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?

Your birthstone and the month you were born might reveal a lot about you. If you were born in July, you could be quite self-assured and like taking the initiative. On the other side, September babies are more likely to be reserved and reserve their trust for people closest to them. Find out what your birthstone says about you by clicking on it above.

People Also Ask

Are Birth Crystals Lucky?

Aligned birth crystals are fortunate. If you experience a brief connection to a stone, they may be fortunate. Pay attention to the birth crystals you feel are linked with you, even if the latter may be ephemeral.

What Happens If You Wear The Wrong Birth Crystal?

Birth crystals are perfect. Just notice how you feel about touching or wearing certain birth crystals. Even if your chart or heart indicates a pleasant experience with a birth crystal, you may not.

Why Do Some Months Have Two Birth Crystals?

Birth crystals are linked. Each month or house has major, secondary, third, and fourth birth crystals. Knowing your chart may boost crystal value.


We hope you now have got all the answers to your questions regarding the birth crystals. We would be very interested in learning about any thoughts in your mind about our article. Feel free to leave a remark below. It was a pleasure for us to react to you.

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