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Best Jewelry For Masturbation - Jewels To Help You Achieve Maximum Pleasure


Have you ever considered using your ring, necklace, or other accessories to have a sexy time with yourself? Why should self-pleasure be restricted to only dark rooms at home?

In this article, we will provide the best jewelry for masturbation available in the most attractive and quirky ways that you can wear it at all times. Gone are the days when you could only masturbate at home behind the curtains. It's time to flaunt it with style.

A start-up has developed the concept of masturbation-themed jewelry. Continue reading as we present the best masturbation jewelry for you to choose from.

Reason For Using A Tool For Masturbation

Before we get into the best sex jewelry for masturbation on the market, let's talk about why you should use it.

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For starters, if you're in a masturbation routine, you might be able to get an orgasm, but you still want something more emotionally, spiritually, and, who knows, physically.

Perhaps you simply want to take your time before the climax, or you want to see if you have any undiscovered turn-ons. Masturbation aids such as jewels can be beneficial.

Many people repeatedly masturbate in the same way. Experimenting with different tools, on the other hand, can help you better understand yourself and your body.

Masturbation does not have to be all about the orgasm. Orgasms are fantastic, but one of the best aspects of masturbating with tools is that it emphasizes the journey rather than the destination.

Masturbation is ultimately about having fun, connecting with your body, and experiencing pleasure, all of which are made possible by a masturbation tool.

Sex self-pleasure will be far superior to anything you could have imagined once you stop viewing orgasm as the only goal and try using a masturbation tool.

An Overview Of Best Jewelry For Masturbation

As masturbation jewelry has become more common and acceptable to discuss on daytime talk shows, beginner-friendly options have become increasingly available.

Beads and metallic chainmail have been added to handcuffs. Leather harnesses are lined with gold details, giving them the appearance and feel of jewelry. Necklaces provide equal housing for vibrators and metal whips.

The best part is, of course, that these toys pass for genuine fashion accessories. Wearable sex toys are entertaining and allow for new types of play. They're also cute enough to wear on a regular basis, which is reason enough to add them to your collection.

Best Jewelry For Masturbation

We scoured our favorite online sex shops to bring you the best masturbation jewelry available, and we found something for everyone's taste, from techies to glam gals; the geometric statement pieces ahead rock.

Check out these brilliant masturbation toys that can also be worn as jewelry.

The Vibrator Necklace

A gold Vibrator Necklace placed on top of the table with a box beside it
A gold Vibrator Necklace placed on top of the table with a box beside it

Stainless steel is used for the body, tip, and chain (with three finishes to choose from Silver, Rose Gold, and 24kt Gold). It's also waterproof and, thanks to its slender shape, ideal for some shallow anal play.

In plain sight, this stunning necklace conceals a tiny vibrator. Wear it wherever you go and reveal its true meaning to your loved ones as you see fit.

Wristband Remote Panty Vibrator

A black Wristband Remote Panty Vibrator
A black Wristband Remote Panty Vibrator

Long-distance sex toys are popular during Covid-19. This high-tech vibrating crotch liner and bracelet allows you to control up to 12 vibrational settings and can be used on a partner or partners within a 32.75-foot radius.

Cock Ring Bracelet

A brown Cock Ring Bracelet
A brown Cock Ring Bracelet

It may not be the most elegant piece of jewelry on the list, but it's a cock ring, and that's all that matters. As someone who can only have a vaginal orgasm because of a cock ring, this is an essential bracelet to have on your wrist at all times.

Two-Finger Massage Ring

A silver Two-Finger Massage Ring
A silver Two-Finger Massage Ring

This ring is ideal for giving yourself or your partner a little rub-down action. Don't think it's just for clitoral stimulation! You can use this ring to massage the perineum, tease with anal play, or, well, use your imagination. Seriously, I'm sure you'll find a lot of uses for this fantastic ring.

Unice Finger

A woman wearing white top with a Unice Finger ring
A woman wearing white top with a Unice Finger ring

It focuses on sensual jewelry for fragrance and massage. The Unice Finger Cuff can be worn on the outside or inside of the hand to conceal a perfume orb of your choice and can be worn on the outside or inside of the hand for easy access.

Lube Vial Necklace

A woman wearing white top with Lube Vial Necklace
A woman wearing white top with Lube Vial Necklace

Lube is an essential component of sex and masturbation. Sure, spit can be used as a temporary fix in a pinch, but lube is the best. You'll never be without lube again with this necklace, as long as you remember to refill it.

Massage Ring

A silver Massage Ring with pearls
A silver Massage Ring with pearls

Not just a beautiful pearl-encrusted ring that can be stroked to your genitals and brings immense pleasure if wielded correctly by the wearer.

Vibrator Ring

This is both literal and symbolic power. With three speeds and two customizable modes that respond to your hand movements, this waterproof statement ring allows you to create your own adventure. It's made of surgical-grade stainless steel and comes in silver and 18k gold electroplated.

Vibrating Diamond

This gold-plated clit vibrator is far too beautiful to hide in a drawer. With seven precise stimulation patterns and three vibration intensities, you'll want to keep this one on hand, if not on display.

People Also Ask

Is Masturbation Beneficial For You?

Masturbation is a natural process that can help you learn about your own body. In fact, there is no risk of pregnancy or STDs with this method of sexual pleasure.

Vibrating rings and necklaces are popular choices for masturbation jewelry toys. On the market, there are numerous types, shapes, and sizes.

Why Do People Use Masturbating-Toys Rather Than With Their Hands?

Masturbation tools provide new opportunities for technique, angles, vibrations, and movements. A tool can stimulate areas that your hands cannot, and vibrators allow you to experiment with different rhythms and strokes.


Masturbation toys don't always have to be neon pink silicone, ridiculously large vibrators, and feeling self-conscious about your Google search history. In fact, a new wave of design-led pleasure accessories that double as jewelry is taking your orgasm's aesthetic to new heights.

These best jewelry for masturbation are all about making your right to orgasm a portable fashion statement, allowing your sexual identity and confidence to take up space both inside and outside the bedroom.

Everyone deserves masturbation toys that look as good as they feel, and the best masturbation jewelry trend demonstrated that beauty and pleasure are for everyone.

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