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8 Best Crystals For Wealth & Luck


A lot of people strive to attract more wealth and increase their self-confidence through crystals. If you're a crystal lover and desire to feel more confident about bringing luck into your life, you may want to find the right crystal type. All crystals have different powers.

Let's have a look at some of the best crystals for attracting wealth & luck:

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is one of the most beloved crystals of all time. It represents patience, strength, determination, and luck. It can help you focus in the right direction and remain intentional about your goals.

When using a tiger's eye, you can expect increased focus or use it as a reminder to stay determined around your goals. Intention matters a lot when using this beautiful crystal.

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White Quartz

Not only does white quartz help with cleaning any negative energy, but it's also going to help you with amplifying the intentions you put in your life. You can hold this crystal while you're journaling about your financial goals & career decisions.

White quartz is known for both its healing properties and money-attracting energy. Use this crystal to really solidify your intentions around money & life goals. It's one of the most common healing crystals on Earth.


Pyrite is one of the top crystals used for attracting wealth, abundance, and luck. Known for its second name "fool's gold", it's also great for putting on the corners of your house or in your purse. Making financial goals happen gets easier with this stone.

It's quite known that pyrite helps you by strengthening your self-confidence and clearing your mind from distractions. Use it with intention and you'll start to reap its benefits.


Citrine has a bright yellow-golden color to it, reminding people of warmth, sunlight, abundance, wealth, prosperity, and motivation. The yellow in citrine brings a lot of brightness and energy of happiness to it.

Using citrine, you may notice a positive effect on your overall money mindset & goal-setting journey. You can use this crystal to move ahead in life with determination and loving energy for achieving your dream life.

Green Jade

Green Jade, a crystal with ancient history in China, has always been used for wealth and harmony. Since it belongs to the green family of crystals, it actually reminds the body and mind of nature.

Studies have shown that the color green is good for your health because of its close correlation to nature. Green jade is a special crystal known for clearing the mind, attracting health and abundance, and instilling calmness.

It's one of those stones which really help you focus inward in a very gentle manner.


Malachite is another green crystal known for giving protection and healing while removing negativity from your system. You can also use it when you're going through a tough time transitioning through something. It's the stone of "change".

Any sudden change in your life can cause internal chaos, but crystals like malachite help with accepting change and bringing in more peace. Make sure you reap its positive effects by placing it on your heart or wearing it as a necklace. Allow the stone to heal your heart with its radiant green color.


Amazonite is known for its powerful healing properties and association with wealth and success. It has been given the title of "the gambler's stone". So, if you're trying your luck at casino slots, you can try carrying an Amazonite crystal with you. Also known as the "hope stone", this crystal is believed to magnify your intentions, luck, and rewards, as you strive to make your goals happen and chase bigger jackpots. Its beautiful green color will bring you closer to beauty & nature.

Green Aventurine

This crystal is known for having a deep green color, reminding you of the natural healing properties of the forest. Just like a camping day out in the forest may heal you, this stone has the power to comfort and heal you.

You can keep a green aventurine where you usually place your money. This places the intention that you want to attract more money in the places you usually keep it.

What's the Takeaway?

Considering that crystals do have healing properties and bring intention into your life, taking action is also just as important - if not more. Make your intention, use your crystals but also take the necessary action needed to achieve your goals.

Whether you journal, meditate, or do yoga - a lot of the green crystals can help you heal and get rid of money blocks or self-limiting beliefs.

Remember that attracting wealth doesn't happen overnight, it's a way of living. You must embody the healing properties of the crystals in your life and plan out your actions for them to work.

Without action, the crystal's effort can be hardly brought into action. Use this renewed sense of confidence to now use your crystals purposefully!

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