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Best Crystals For Masturbation - Masturbated As Only You Know How To Do It


Your orgasms may change depending on the crystal you use, just as they may depending on whether you're alone, with a partner, rushing, taking your time, and many other factors. Here you can discover best crystals for masturbation.

Each crystal has unique metaphysical characteristics that cause it to radiate a certain frequency of energy. A Chakrub constructed of pure black obsidian crystal from The Shadow Line will feel different from one made of rose quartz in terms of how it feels to get off.

Understanding how the characteristics of various stones could affect your experience might be useful depending on the kinds of sensations you are currently wanting in your sex life.

What Is A Crystal Dildo?

An actual, genuine crystal was used to create the sex toy known as a crystal dildo. Along with being able to deliver sexual fulfillment, these toys also have inherent therapeutic and wellbeing qualities.

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It's difficult to ignore the aesthetic attractiveness of crystal dildos, even if you don't believe in the qualities of the crystals utilized! These unusual toys appear better than their synthetic counterparts, making them appropriate for both giving sex pleasure and serving as ornamental items!

Are Crystal Dildos Safe To Use?

Using crystal dildos is a technique that, like utilizing yoni eggs, may be safe if you take good care of your toy.

As your dildo is made of crystal, you should try to avoid dropping it since doing so might result in sharp edges that could injure you and perhaps cause inside infections.

Also, it's crucial to keep in mind that semi-precious stones may be porous and can easily contain germs, making thorough cleaning of them essential.

Best Crystals For Masturbation

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

The master healer stone is clear quartz. It is the most flexible crystal and the finest choice if you're looking for a particular sensation that you alone can describe. Also, it is renowned for promoting optimistic perspectives and mental clarity.

How to use it: Before using this stone, program it with a clear aim, and make sure your mind is free of distractions. Quartz tends to intensify your current energy. Clear quartz can often help you get post-orgasmic clarity on the aim you gave it. You can always count on your intuition to support you when you need it the most.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Every scenario and setting are filled with love and beauty thanks to rose quartz. If you are recovering from a breakup or having trouble with emotions of inadequacy or self-judgment, it will be very helpful. Our sex desire often weakens when our emotions are in pain. Rose quartz can help you develop self-love while boosting your self-assurance and compassion for yourself.

How to use it: If you want to attract love into your life, start imagining what it would be like and how it would make you feel, as well as how your new partner would treat you. Before you start fiddling with the crystal, transfer this vision there. Hold on to this image as you approach the climax for maximum impact. Take a moment to enjoy your affection for yourself.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Known as the stone of power, smokey quartz. With its earthy, mineral energy, it gives a grounding presence that aids in establishing your confidence and knowledge. Smoky quartz is a sensible crystal to develop a connection with since it is also believed to help you explain any dreams or visions you may have.

Ways to handle it: While you work with Smoky Quartz, see your root growing into the soil. Let the energy of the stone to re-connect you with your inner truth. Hold the image of a light beam emanating from your body, passing through the crystal, and into the earth's core as you approach climax. The power was always within of you.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is the stone of choice for The Shadow Line because it may be utilized to uncover hidden aspects of oneself. While Black Obsidian's energy is not as mild as rose quartz's, it might be helpful if you find yourself stuck in the bedroom and are unable to determine why. When you engage in shadow work, it offers protection, and you may also utilize it to get over old traumas.

How to utilize it: When meditating with this stone and while using it, pay attention to any images that pop into your head. When using this stone, make every effort to bring your body to a condition of open, nonjudgmental surrender. Be prepared for it to raise triggers, difficult realities, and a powerful release at the conclusion.



For vast, transforming sexual encounters, amethyst may be utilized. Interacting with this stone often results in out-of-body experiences or trips to other dimensions. Also, you may utilize this stone to recognize negative behaviors and let them go, to access your spiritual eye, and to visit the dream world during an orgasm.

Due to this crystal's hazy and ethereal character, it is crucial to ground and center before and after working with it. When amethyst feels appreciated, trusted, and valued, it performs best. Let it to cleanse your chakra system from crown to root, move your body to different locations, and show you images.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

The mystical stone known as green aventurine, sometimes referred to as the stone of opportunity, will bring hope and enthusiasm into your sexual play. It may also be utilized to attract abundance in any area of your life where you feel it is missing, including love, money, and other areas.

How to use it: When energy develops, concentrate on what you want to create and visualize having it now. Green Aventurine may assist you in coming back to the present and letting go of expectations if masturbation scares you or you have trouble clearing your mind.

White Jasper

White Jasper
White Jasper

The purity of white jasper will serve as a reminder of your own divinity. White Jasper may help you clear your mind of anything that is no longer helpful if you're trying to let go of negative thoughts or experiences. It is a nurturing stone that enables you to see parts of yourself with more love and care, such as your inner mother.

Orgasms with this gem may help you reach totality of mind, body, and soul and link you to higher awareness. White Jasper may assist in rewriting your sexual narrative and redefining virginity as it relates to you for people who have undergone sexual trauma and would want to start a fresh connection with themselves.

Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine
Orange Aventurine

Orange aventurine promotes positivity, opportunity, and a spirit of tenacity. If you battle with poor self-esteem, it may boost creativity and promote confidence. If you need to clear blockages in your sacral region and wish to use sexual energy for creativity, this stone is great.

Employ this stone to release old traumas and reestablish your feeling of freedom. Before starting work in the morning, use this Chakrub to jump-start your day and lift your spirits.



One may reach their full potential with the aid of rhodonite, a stone that is innately helpful. It enables the processing and healing of emotional scars by igniting the heart chakra. Also, it guards against abusive, codependent, and self-destructive inclinations.

Rhodonite should be placed directly over your heart area before usage. Let its energy to enter your body via your heart and go downward. Use a love mantra of your choice while you orgasm with this stone to help it expand your heart.

What To Consider When Buying A Crystal Dildo

Crystal Type - Several crystal kinds are thought to have distinct impacts and provide the user with a range of advantages. To understand about the distinctions between the various crystal kinds, see our additional section below!

Size - Crystal dildos are available in a broad range of sizes, just like other forms of dildos (in terms of both length and girth). You need to discover one in your chosen size range! You may select between straight and curved crystal dildos depending on their shape. Straight dildos are best for size training, however curved dildos are excellent at hitting your g-spot.

Texture - While many crystal dildos are smooth, various texture variations, such as lumps or ribs down the shaft, are available. Think about all your alternatives!

Anal-Safe – You should make sure your new crystal dildo is anal-safe if you want to use it anally. It must thus have a flared base (to prevent accidental full insertion). We advise buying two dildos if you want to use them both anally and vaginally since crystal dildos are more likely to contain germs than certain other varieties of dildos.

People Also Ask

What Kind Of Crystal Dildo Should I Use?

You should go with the crystal dildo that you like. Examine the numerous healing gemstones' qualities and choose the one that most closely fits your present requirements or aspirations.

Are Crystal Dildos Safe?

As long as they are obtained from reliable sex toy makers, crystal dildos are entirely safe.

Can I Use A Crystal Dildo Anally?

Never use a crystal dildo anally without a flared base since the smooth smoothness might cause it to end up in places you don't want it to.

Where Can I Buy An Amethyst Dildo?

We usually advise picking well-known brands for crystal dildos, such as Chakrubs, and purchasing your sex toys from trusted companies like Shevibe and Lovehoney.

Are Crystal Dildos Authentic?

You should be able to purchase a crystal dildo with confidence from an authentic sex toy manufacturer, like Shevibe or Lovehoney.


When it comes to dildos, this crystal dildo checks all the right boxes for those who want strong, solid sensations. Its 6 insertable inches and 1.9 inches of thickness at its thickest make it a somewhat realistic size and breadth that is appropriate for both novice and experienced users.

It's important to keep in mind that this toy may be rather slippery when lubricated, making it challenging to control if your hands are weak. While it is somewhat pricey, you are receiving a real rose quartz dildo that, with the proper attention and care, will last a lifetime.

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