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Select One Of These Three Gemstones As Your August Birthstone

Are you an August baby looking out what your birthstone is? Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx are the three August birthstones. These stones existed a long time ago, and you now have the opportunity to choose one of them as your **August Birthstone**.

Susanne Blaire
Susanne Blaire
Nov 30, 2023135 Shares6.4K Views
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Are you an August baby looking out what your birthstone is? Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyxare the three August birthstones. These stones existed a long time ago, and you now have the opportunity to choose one of them as your August Birthstone.

August Birthstone- Peridot

Green-yellow oval peridot on a white background
Green-yellow oval peridot on a white background

Peridot is the yellow-green to green-yellow gemform of the mineral olivine, and it's one of the most popular. The gem peridot has been confused with other gems like topazand emerald for a very long time. The Red Sea island of Topazios, which is said to have been the source of the name "topaz," actually made peridot.

Gems that were thought to be emeralds are actually the August birthstone, peridot. The Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany's Cologne Cathedral is adorned with 200 carats of the gems. Some historians even think that Cleopatra's famous emerald collection might have been made up of peridot.

Peridot's History And Discovery

According to some of the world's earliest records and documents, this gemstone was discovered in 1500 BC on the Egyptian Red Sea island of Topaz.

Peridot is said to have been made in Ancient Egypt, on the volcanic island of Zebargad in the Red Sea. Peridot was so important to the Ancient Egyptians that they kept the island's whereabouts a secret, so no one could find it. With the fall of the Egyptian empire, the island was lost in time. It was only found in 1906.

Hardness And Synthetic Type Of Peridot

HARDNESS:Solid 7 on Mohs scale

Synthetic Type:Here's how Peridot Quartzalso known as "Synthetic Peridots" are treated:

A hydrothermal process makes Peridot Quartz at a temperature that isn't too hot but is still very strong. In this process, a thick pressure vessel is used that can handle the high pressure. Autoclaves are used to make crystals. Steel cylinders with hermetic seals are usually used for this. They must be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures for a long time. Lower part of autoclave is filled with a certain amount of solvent. Nutrient is put in the lower part and sealed with a lid.

The autoclave is heated so that two temperature zones can be formed inside of it. An organism that needs a certain type of food dissolves in hotter areas. The saturated aqueous solution in lower areas moves up to the upper areas because the solution moves with convection. An autoclave is filled with a cooler and denser solution at the top and a lighter and denser one at the bottom, and both flow down. Supersaturation takes place in the upper part of the solution because of the drop in temperature, and crystallization starts to happen.

Are Peridots Expensive

How much is Peridot? As with any gemstone, the price will depend on how good the stone is. For an average one-carat stone, you can expect to pay between $50 and $80 USD for each piece.

A one-carat peridot stone costs between $400 and $450in the United States. The more impressive, high-quality stones cost between $400 and $450 each.

August Birthstone- Spinel

Red oval spinel on a white background
Red oval spinel on a white background

The name "spinel" comes from the Latin word "spina," which means thorn. This is because spinel crystals have a shape like a thorn. There are a lot of different colors of this second August birthstone: red, pink and orangeare just a few. Purple and blue are also available. Spinel has been mistaken for other gemstonesfor a long time.

Spinel's History And Discovery

This is what happened in Central and Southeast Asia: big spinel crystals called "Balas rubies"came from the ground. They were valuable to emperors and kings. They were often given away as war prizes. There have been some of the most famous rubies in history that have turned out to be spinel instead.

It first appeared in the history books of Spain in the 14th century. It was owned by a succession of Moorish and Spanish kings before Edward, Prince of Wales, known as the "Black Prince," got the stone in 1367 as a reward for winning a battle.

Hardness And Synthetic Type Of Spinel

HARDNESS:Solid 8 on Mohs scale, making it more durable for jewelryand ideal as an August birthstone.

Synthetic Type:Here's how "Synthetic Spinels" are treated:

Synthetic spinel is made by using the flux-grown or flame-fusion method to make synthetic corundum in a wide range of beautiful colors. almost as good as true spinel when it comes to both chemical and physical properties. A lot of people use them to make things look like lapis lazuliand moonstone.

Are Spinel Expensive

There are still a lot of good-quality Spinels from Burma and Tanzania that are still very cheap in sizes under 1 carat, with prices ranging from $200 to $500 per carat for good-colored stones.

But prices go up a lot with size. Some of the best red and pink stones sell for between $600 and $1,200a carat when they're between 1 and 2 carats. When they're bigger than that, they go for much more.

August Birthstone- Sardonyx

Brownish-white oval Sardonyx on a white background
Brownish-white oval Sardonyx on a white background

Most of the August birthstones are made up of two types of chalcedony cryptocrystalline quartz: sard and onyx. Sard comes in a range of colors from brownish red to dark orange, and onyx comes in a range of colors from white to black.

This is why sardonyx was so popular for Roman seals and signet ringsin the past. It was because hot wax would not stick to the stone. For a long time, cameos and intaglios have been made with this August birthstone because it has bands of different colors.

Sardonyx's History And Discovery

Sardonyx has been popular for a long time. It dates back more than 4,000 years to Egypt's Second Dynasty. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore sardonyx talismans with images of heroes and gods like Hercules and Mars on them when they went to fight.

There are Sardonyx rocks all over the world. They can be found in Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia, and the United States. Most people want sardonyx that comes from India because it's the most valuable.

Hardness And Synthetic Type Of Sardonyx

HARDNESS:7 on Mohs scale

Synthetic Type:Artificial Sardonyx are not yet available for purchase.

Is Sardonyx Stone Expensive

Sardonyx is easy to get and not very expensive, making it a good addition to anyone's collection. In general, the 4Cs still apply: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Sardonyx isn't as well-defined as other gemstones like diamonds.

August Birthstone Color

Peridot and Spinel are the most recent birthstones to be designated as August birthstones. Peridot, with its signature lime green color, is thought to bestow power and influence on those who wear it.

AUGUST Birthstones | Peridot Spinel Sardonyx


These three birthstones are for August; you can choose one as your August birthstone or add them to your collection. Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx have been around for a long time; having these stones is once in a blue moon.

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