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jewelry designer/artistAs a jewelry artist, my passion is design and my outlet to satisfy this consuming interest (obsession is what some of my friend's call it) is to saw, cut, hammer, form, sand, grind, solder, forge and polish precious metals and gemstones into miniature works of wearable art.

From early childhood, I was visually inspired by color and form. My first love during pre and elementary school was drawing intricate colorful patterns for fabric. I used the drawings to design and cut out dresses for my paper dolls. Guess that says something about my age since paper dolls haven't been around for quite a while. Anyway, after elementary school, I graduated from paper doll dresses to designing and making my own clothes.

Gardening, painting and drawing, handcrafts, sculpture, photography, gourmet cooking and interior decorating are some of my interests. These and similar activities satisfied my creative drive during high school, college and marriage. Later, I worked in computer graphics and as a software developer.

Jewelry Beginnings ....

bead necklacesAfter years of searching for the perfect "job" to satisfy my lifelong obsession with design, I stumbled into a gem and jewelry show that a friend suggested I visit. Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry was born just two months later with the beads and silk thread I purchased at the show. After two years of stringing beads and doing art shows, I wanted to expand my skills so I took some metalsmith classes.

Then I "discovered" rocks! Blue rocks, green rocks, brown rocks, red rocks - all colors of rocks! I learned that it was fairly easy to cut rocks with a saw, then grind, and polish them into shiny gems. This is a very messy and dirty task, but it is so rewarding to take a piece of rough stone and turn it into a beautiful gem for a piece of jewelry. Some of my early pieces were actually made with rocks that I found in my garden or alongside the road.


Current work...

Now, I work with gold, silver, and unique gemstones to jewelry collage opal ring napkin rings gold drusy earrings custom design pendants custom designed jewelry examples cabochons available for jewelry design create one of a kind jewelry. Although I did take a few classes in metalwork, I am a self-taught jeweler and lapidary. I began learning my craft the same night I visited that gem show in 1991. Jewelry takes so many forms that I will never learn all the techniques. But, that is what keeps it so exciting!

I specialize in custom jewelry design and use my web site to show and sell my work. My customers often pick a stone from the cabochon pages as the starting place for an original design. The custom jewelry design page describes the process of a commissioned design while the jewelry design section has some examples for ring ideas, pendant designs, bracelet designs, earring ideas and mens ring examples.

Working with you to design an original piece of jewelry that fits your unique personal style is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work and an added bonus to doing what I love.

Jewelry Design style...

My design style is a mix of contemporary, classic, and eclectic. It incorporates clean lines, soft curves, and geometric shapes. Most of my jewelry includes one or more gemstones, which is why color is often the important first step in a design. Finding the right color combination for the gems can make or break gold, silver & gemstone earringsthe design. I make dramatic and bold jewelry, but even if the piece is to be small scale with subdued colors, it still needs to "speak" to me.

All of my work is made by hand in my private studio using time honored fabrication methods; nothing is ever cast, manufactured or created by any one else.


I artist's studiolove working with drusy because of its tiny crystals that sparkle and glisten. They add an unexpected touch of elegance to a simple clean design. If you want to learn about the origins and characteristics of the gemstones I use, go to Gemstones for information and pictures.

I enjoy the design phase best, so my handmade pieces are all one of a kind or limited editions and you will never find anyone else wearing the same piece.

Please visit the catalog to see my current work. Take a stroll through my studio to see where I cut the free form stones and create my original jewelry.

I add images of new jewelry and cabochons on a regular basis so bookmark the site and visit often to see "What's New". If you like my work and want an early look, please send a "Put me on your Update List email" to receive a notice when the site is updated with new pieces or special items.

Call Nancy at 1-513-561-3057 if you are interested in discussing a custom jewelry design order.


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