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Are Online Slots A Game Of Luck Or Skill?

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games around right now. There are millions of players globally. A couple of other casino games, like poker and blackjack, that are also super popular - but slots seem to be the runaway favorite.

Johnny K.
Johnny K.
Mar 21, 20238.2K Shares187.8K Views

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games around right now. There are millions of players globally. A couple of other casino games, like poker and blackjack, that are also super popular - but slots seem to be the runaway favorite.

But slots aren't like the other games that are mentioned. With card games, there is a touch of luck and a lot of skill - but the jury seems to be out on if slots fall into skill, luck, or a measure of both.

Is winning at slots more luck or skill?

There is an argument to be made for both. We know that slots are random, and they are highly regulated to make sure that they remain so. Each slot will have a different volatility and return to player too. It is impossible to fix a slot so that you can win. Old slots and new slots will all adhere to the same regulations.

But does that mean it is skill free?

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The outcome of each spin is dictated by RNG, a random number generator. And that means each spin is guaranteed to be random. That said, regular slot players will have many strategies they use to increase their odds of winning - both online and at land-based casinos. It might be a lucky shirt, a specific game, or placing wages that are a specific number.

What are some of the strategies that people use to increase slot wins?

While keeping in mind that players have no control of the RNG that goes on behind the screen or within the slot machine unit - there are some strategies that players use.


If the aim of the game is to win, then players who intend to do that will look for machines or online slots with a higher RTP than others. There is a surprising variation between different themes: some RTP could be as 'low' as 90% while others might be just under 99%.

RTP roughly translates to a dollar amount, so for example, RTP that is about 98% means that for every $100 bet, a payout of $98 is going to happen.

So part of a winning strategy is to make sure you know what the RTP is before you start playing.

Maximum betting

When you are keeping an eye on your bankroll, you might be more tempted to play a lot of small bets - and in many cases, that will elongate your game time. However, it is generally recommended, if you are looking for a win, that you should aim to place maximum bets where possible. Is it proven that machines are more likely to pay out a jackpot if you play maximum bets? No, but there is some anecdotal evidence - but it is worth doing your own research!

Bonus and Promotions

What better way to increase your potential winnings than by increasing what you have to play with in the first place? When you find a new slots website, they often offer some very fun promotions designed to increase your playtime. One of the most popular additions to the bonus and promotion packs is free spins. Free spins are music to the ears of slot lovers.

Progressive Jackpots

The odds of scoping a progressive jackpot might be low - but they are never zero. The odds of winning a regular jackpot are a little higher. But for slot players who are looking for a life-changing win - progressive slots would be the right call.

Are there superstitions for increasing luck?

Are there superstitions for increasing luck
Are there superstitions for increasing luck

There might not be evidence to support the idea of increasing luck with things or actions - but a lot of the world's best sportsmen, card players, and the general public all have things they do to increase their luck.

When it comes to slots - knowing that while a good strategy is helpful, it is mostly based on luck - maybe some superstitions will work for you.

  • Jewelry or clothing might be the lucky thing. Sportspeople might have lucky socks or shoes or need their lucky number on their shirt.
  • Lucky charms like a four-leaf clover, horseshoes, or a rabbit's foot are often seen to be very lucky.
  • Craps players are likely to blow on the dice - or ask someone at the table to blow on the dice for them.
  • Avoiding numbers or colors that they feel aren't lucky for them.
  • Looking for a sign before they place a bet - it could be a number, a song, or a word.

Games like poker, blackjack and many card games are more about skill than luck. You'll need to understand all of the cards and hands and read people too! Playing slots can be a lot more relaxing - and who doesn't want their gaming time to be chilled out?

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