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April Birthstone Alternative - Well-known Alternative Stones


The diamond is the April birthstone, love and beauty are both represented by the diamond. It comes in many different shades, shapes, and sizes. Before we tackle the April birthstone alternative, here are some other ideas for April birthstones that might fit your style and color preferences:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Sapphire
  • White Topaz
  • Opal

Famous Alternatives For April Birthstone

If you've researched birthstones, you've probably found that there's no one "right" stone for each month. Different cultures or groups of people have made ancient, traditional, and modern birthstone calendars over the years.

There are actually a lot of ways to find a birthstone you like and can afford. April is a good time to think about other birthstones because the "traditional" birthstone for April is a diamond, which is a very expensive gem (and not just financially).

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This article talks about the properties of the four other April birthstones, some of which are very old and give you a lot of other beautiful options.

Four Alternatives

Clear Quartz Birthstone

Clear quartz stone
Clear quartz stone

In Britain, the diamond is not the only April birthstone. Clear quartz, which is also called rock crystal, is also an April birthstone. The reason seems pretty clear: rock crystal is as clear as a diamond. In fact, clear quartz is a cheaper alternative to diamond as an April birthstone.

Sapphire Birthstone

Elongated Blue sapphire stone
Elongated Blue sapphire stone

In fact, in the old Roman, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic calendars, sapphire was the birthstone for April. Sapphire is a valuable form of the mineral corundum, which can be found in many different colors.

The most common and well-known color of sapphire is bright blue, but you can also get sapphire in pink, orange, yellow, black, or even white.

White Topaz Birthstone

Oblong clear white topaz stone
Oblong clear white topaz stone

White topaz is the April birthstone, but it doesn't seem to have much to do with April in history. It is used as an April birthstone because it looks like a diamond.

White topaz looks a lot like a diamond, which is why many jewelry stores promote it as an alternative April birthstone and wedding ring stone. When used in jewelry, white topaz is often cut and faceted to show off its brilliant shine.

Opal Birthstone

Round opal stone
Round opal stone

In the old Tibetan calendar, April is the month of opal. This April birthstone comes in many different colors. It is popular because it has a multicolored fire that shines against a certain body tone, which can be white, blue, or black. The black precious opal is the most expensive.

People Also Ask

Is Cubic Zirconia April Birthstone?

April - Cubic Zirconia. Natural diamonds are April's birthstone, which can be very expensive. This lab-made cubic zirconia is by far one of the most beautiful lab-made gemstones we sell.

What Color Diamond Is April?

Even though colorless diamonds are the most common, April's birthstone can be yellow, black, pink, blue, and more. The most common colored diamonds are yellow and brown, while blue and red diamonds are the rarest.

How To Find The Best Alternative April Birthstone For You?

If you want to find the best alternative birthstone for April for yourself, you can start with what you like. The birthstone for April is a stone that represents new beginnings and spring.

Final Words

Are you having a hard time picking the right one? Well, sapphires are a beautiful gemstone that makes for a good April birthstone. They are one of the most popular stones in the world with a rich history and many different meanings.

As an April birthstone, sapphires represent hope and renewal. They also symbolize loyalty, friendship, and love.

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