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7 Common Health Issues Faced By Students


College is one of the most exciting periods in every student's life. Being a student means you are open to new adventures and challenges academic life can offer you. There are plenty of possibilities ahead of you, and you are full of energy and passion for taking on any of them. It's a great time to explore new places and try new hobbies that once have been out of reach. But now, when you are more independent and experienced, you can learn even more to make your life fulfilled and satisfying. However, some health risks constantly surround young people, as certain conditions such as pressure and overwhelming responsibilities can cause serious problems to their health. What are the most common health issues every student deals with when going to college or university? This article will show you seven problems young learners typically face and how to avoid them in your life.

1. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be one of the most frequently encountered problems among students. Some students neglect simple hygiene practices, increasing their vulnerability to poisoning. Thus, avoiding simple measures such as washing hands or products about to be consumed allows viruses, bacteria, and parasites to spread in the organism and create certain toxic conditions, which negatively impacts the overall feeling of a person who gets poisoned. To prevent this trouble, make sure you thoroughly clean the surface you will use before and after cooking. It's recommended to cook food to the right internal temperature to kill the bacteria. Thus, handling and cooking food correctly will help you prevent contamination, which can occur while cooking.

2. The Common Cold

The next problem that can catch anybody suddenly is a simple cold. It is the most common disease that most students suffer from, especially during the changing of the seasons. So, once it gets colder after hot summer days, and you might have forgotten to dress according to the weather, you may wake up with a blocked nose or a sore and irritable throat the next day. Of course, there are plenty of drops and syrups to help you last the day and manage the classes so that you wouldn't feel beaten up and exhausted.

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3. Anxiety And Depression

Such mental health problems as anxiety and depression are very common among young learners. And it's not surprising. Students are exposed to incredible tension when teachers give them overwhelming amounts of homework to deal with independently. The pressure of exams, grades, and financial issues can add even more worries to your life. However, there are services and therapies available for students. You can also include some yoga or physical exercises in your daily routine to alleviate stress.

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4. Meningitis

Those who live in dormitories are more exposed to such illnesses as meningitis as they tend to interact with each other more frequently. Young people whose weak immune system is at greater risk, as the bacteria can strongly harm their health. If you don’t want to be a meningitis victim, you should better escape large groups of people with constant close contact and proximity, especially during quarantine periods.

5. The Flu

Young people in the first year at their educational institution are the most susceptible to the flu. The reason for such a case can be easily explained. First-year students undergo some stress and anxiety at the beginning of their studying year. The worries arising during this period may negatively influence the immune system, which makes your learners vulnerable to health risks. Ensure you get enough sleep and follow healthy habits to prevent the disease from happening. And, of course, exclude the worries from your life. Sometimes, it is better to turn to a writing service for help rather than suffer from anxiety that you will never receive a good grade for your paper. Some of you may ask, “is edubirdie legit?” Learn the reviews left by other students on reliable resources to gather enough information on this subject and make the right choice.

6. Sprains

Sprains can occur even more often than a cold, as young people are always engaged in sports activities. Such incidents as spraining an ankle happen every day, so you should be extremely careful while doing physical exercises. Even though some sprains are not alarming, you would better not overwhelm your body with extra load work, as it can lead to bad consequences.

7. Bleeding Nose

A bleeding nose can frustrate anyone who faces it in college. It can also be embarrassing to have it in front of your peers. However, cases of such health issues are quite widespread among students. One of the mistakes people make while bleeding is to pick their nose, as it can rupture the blood vessels inside. Blowing the nose wouldn’t be a solution either. So, once you find yourself bleeding, make sure you use proper lubrication of the nasal passages to prevent the problem in the future.

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