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Vern dog Robby
Vern Robby

Muffin Fred


Gracie, almost nine now, is the sweetest, most affectionate and obedient dog I ever had.

I found her one day (or maybe, it was she that found me) when I went to the pet adoption league with the intent of bringing home a small, perky terrier that didn't shed!

Somehow, she (with her big sad eyes) and the adoption lady convinced me to take her for a short walk and that was it. She stole my heart with her clownish antics, sweetness, and her most impeccable behavior.

She is named after Gracie Allen, the comedienne, because she is such a clown.

As big as she is, she desperately wants to be a lap dog. When she begs enough, I invite her up, but it's a funny sight because her back legs droop from one side while the front ones fall off the other and her head lolls about on my shoulder. However, she would stay that way for an hour if I let her.

Mortified, if she gets sick or has an "accident" in the house, I often think Gracie's prime directive is to please and be loved - which, of course, she is!


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