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Fred Dog

Fred Dog


Gracie Robby

the Muffin manVern
Muffin Vern


Fred Dog, Freddie for short, is a Doberman Pinscher. All the things you may have heard about Dobies in their puppyhood are certainly true of Fred Dog.

He's eaten everything - furniture, rugs, eye glasses, pillows, books, and even the gate that was supposed to keep him confined so my belongings would be safe.

After Vern attacked my beads in zip bags, I changed the storage system to hard shell plastic boxes. Hah, that didn't stop Fred Dog. I came back to the studio one day to discover thousands of beads rolling about the floor. He was laying in the middle of them looking pleased as punch as though he had accomplished a great feat that I was sure to be proud of.

Unfortunately for Freddie, that was the last straw. Until he outgrew his puppyhood he had to be confined to a crate when left alone. Happily for us both, his puppyhood didn't last that long.

Between Robby, Gracie and Fred Dog I feel very safe. I sure wouldn't want to meet the three of them on a dark street. When I am with them, they are all very well behaved. However, I always walk them on leads because if ever I feel threatened they are immediately ready to come to my aid and lend their "support".


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